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 WSD-F30 PRO TREK SMART WSD-F30 With GPS and map without full color connection, with sufficient battery charge for up to three days. The WSD-F30 comes with an extended mode, which allows you to use the map and GPS without an Internet connection and in full color! On a single charge the battery lasts up to 3 days. In extended mode, time and measurement data are continuously displayed on the monochrome display; the full-color map is activated at the click of a button. The dimensions of the WSD-F30 have been optimized to make it more comfortable to use; the smartwatch is now 3.9 mm narrower and 0.4 mm thinner than its predecessors, which means it also looks great on narrow wrists. The WSD-F30 features a new and improved monochrome and double-layer color display. The new OLED color display shows maps and data in much more detail. In addition to the weather, you can also choose to see the air pressure, altitude and compass orientation on the monochrome display. This smartwatch, which uses the Wear OS by Google operating system, has integrated GPS and thus works autonomously and independently of the mobile phone. With the smartwatch's GPS it is possible to determine the position and record the routes travelled. Integrated low-power GPS. It supports positioning data from three satellites (American GPS, Russian GLONASS * and Japanese QZSS "MICHIBIKI"). It constantly receives positioning data and displays your current position on a full-colour map. Full colour map display. Current location is based on positioning information received from GPS satellites and displayed on a high-resolution, full-color map. Ability to use the map offline. Downloading of map data is managed through a partnership agreement with MapBox, a provider of map data from countries around the world. Map data is displayed even when the user's smartphone is disconnected or out of range of radio wave transmissions. Android: Android 4.4 and later (Go edition is excluded). iOS: iOS 9.3 and later. https://youtu.be/PO_nMfKFGTM https://youtu.be/YdpMaFnpleo MAIN SPECIFICATIONS WSD-F30 WEAR OS BY OPERATING SYSTEM GOOGLE™ - In order to connect your CASIO watch to your smartphone, you must have the Wear OS by Google operating system installed on your device. Wear OS by Google offers numerous pre-installed applications for outdoor activities. If you wish, you can install more compatible applications on the clock through the Google Play Store. Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) - If the clock's Wi-Fi connectivity is active, it will automatically connect to a known Wi-Fi network that is available (if the clock is not connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth®). BLUETOOTH® SMART - The watch features low-power Bluetooth® technology that allows data to be exchanged at the touch of a button to save power. The watch is equipped with a touch screen for intuitive and fast operation of numerous functions with the usual touch gestures. - Anti-fouling coating. GPS FUNCTION - Thanks to special satellites, the GPS clock can determine the exact position at any time. - Compatible (including GLONASS and Michibiki). COMPASS - Built-in steering sensor detects magnetic north. ALTIMETER - A pressure sensor detects changes in atmospheric pressure and transforms these data into altitude indications of up to 10,000 m. ALTIMETER MEMORY - Up to 40 sets of height data can be stored in the clock memory (depending on model) for consultation at any time. Each saved dataset consists of a height measurement in combination with a date and time. In addition, along with the height data, the maximum and minimum heights are also stored during the measurement. BAROMETER - A special sensor measures the atmospheric pressure (measuring range: 260/1.100 hPa) and displays it via a symbol on the display. This makes it possible to recognize weather trends in advance. TIDE INDICATOR - After entering the high tide time for the desired location once, the watch can display the high tide and low tide phases for any selected date at that location. This can be particularly useful, for example, if you want to know in advance the behaviour of the tides at your destination. LUNAR PHASES INDICATOR - The moon phase indicator shows the current state of the moon in relation to the earth. FISHING TIMER - Know when they will bite: The clock shows a fish symbol when it is the perfect time to fish. SUN OUTPUT - After entering the geographic position, the sunrise and sunset times can be displayed for any date. GYROMETER - Perfect for outdoor activities: so you always get to your destination, the gyro sensor shows even the most subtle changes in direction during navigation. The sensor registers the slightest movements of the watch and compensates for them, for example by stabilising the optical image or orienting the screen. ACCELERATION SENSOR - The motion sensor reacts to acceleration and displays it on the screen in the form of speed. In addition, the sensor also participates in the automatic rotation function of the clock display to ensure that the image is always displayed in the proper orientation. MICROPHONE - Simplifies everyday tasks with practical voice commands that you can say directly to the clock thanks to the built-in microphone. For example, with "OK Google" you can start a Google search without touching the screen or even taking your smartphone out of your pocket. With the microphone you can use numerous voice commands. PLANE FUNCTION (OFFLINE MODE) - At the touch of a button, the clock goes into Offline Mode. In this way, radio or GPS reception during a flight can be deactivated in the clock. WORLD TIME ZONES - The world time function displays the current time in up to 29 different time zones. ALARM - The daily alarm beeps at the programmed time to remind you of events that are repeated daily. VIBRATION ALARM - Without making too much noise, the vibration alarm discreetly remembers an important event. AWAKENING FUNCTION - Each time the alarm stops, it sounds again after a few minutes. 12/24 HOUR TIME INDICATION - Hours are displayed in either 12-hour or 24-hour format. FULLY AUTOMATIC CALENDAR - Automatic switching via smartphone pairing. BUTTONS - TOOL button, power button, APP button. AUTOMATIC TIME CORRECTION - By communicating with the smartphone (manual time setting possible.). - Using GPS information (can be corrected manually.). WATCH SPOTS - Three favourites, more can be added. BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT - Adjust screen brightness: 5 levels. ENVIRONMENTAL DURABILITY - MIL-STD-810G (U.S. military standard issued by the U.S. Department of Defense). COLOR MAPS - Compatible (allows offline use).

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Bracelet Material
Strap color
Casing colour
Dial Colour
Water resistance
Magnetic load terminal
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60,5 mm x 53,8 mm x 14,9 mm
83 g
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