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EDIFICE meets even the most demanding standards: the models are the ideal combination between intelligent functionality and sporty elegance.


Bluetooth® Smart The watch has a Bluetooth® low energy technology that allows data to be exchanged at the press of a button to save energy. The watch connects to the smartphone wirelessly, via Bluetooth®, and thus offers access to numerous useful functions. Solar energy system The clock's power supply is carried out by independent and environmentally friendly solar cells. The remaining solar energy is stored in a battery. Neon display The hands and / or index are covered by a fluorescent layer and, if the watch has been previously exposed to a light bulb, they glow in the dark. Universal time function The world time function shows the current time in up to 29 different time zones. Stopwatch - 1 / 1,000 sec. - 1 hour The elapsed time, partial times and final time are measured with a precision of one thousandth of a second. The watch can measure times of up to an hour. Lap Memory 200 In this memory, stop, lap and intermediate times measured together with the date can be saved and displayed later. A data set consists of: Date, stop times, lap times and intermediate times. The memory offers a space for up to 200 data sets. 5 Multiple alarm, time signal This model has 5 independent multifunction alarms. Whatever the way you organize your appointments, this watch has the appropriate alarm. In total it has four alarms with repetition: 1. Daily alarm, sounds every day at the same time, 2. Alarm by date, which will help you, for example, not to forget a birthday, 3. Monthly alarm, sounds the same day of each month at the same time, 4. Daily alarm for a given month. Phone Finder Have you lost your smartphone? With the press of a button on the watch, the smartphone will emit an alarm. Speed ​​indicator You can measure the average speed of a distance traveled. Just enter the distance at the beginning and then press the stopwatch, both at the beginning and when you reach the destination, so that the average speed is displayed. Automatic calendar Once set, the automatic calendar always shows the correct date. Normal time indication of 12/24 hours The hours are displayed in either the 12 or 24 hour format. Mineral crystal Mineral crystal, hard and hard to scratch, protects the watch from external damage. Solid stainless steel case Stainless steel strap Robust, resistant and elegant. The stainless steel strap is a classic for watches. Safety lock Infallible: the bracelet of this watch has a particularly secure closure that prevents accidental opening. Water resistance classification (10 bar)

Product Details

Bracelet Material
Stainless Steel
Strap color
Casing colour
Dial Colour
Water resistance
Size of the case
53,5mm x 49,2mm x 13,7mm
168,0 g
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