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Barometer Thermometer Altimeter



Illuminator: An electro-luminescent panel causes the entire watch face to illuminate for easy reading.

Cold resistant (-10°C)

The watch withstands temperatures down to -10°C.

Neon display: The hands and/or index are covered with a fluorescent coating and, if the watch has previously been exposed to a light source, glow in the dark.

Barometer (260 / 1,100 hPa)

A special sensor measures the atmospheric pressure (measuring range: 260 / 1,100 hPa) and displays it via a symbol on the display. This makes it possible to recognise weather trends in advance.

Thermometer (-10 °C / +60 °C)

The watch has a sensor that measures the ambient temperature and displays it in degrees Celsius (-10 °C / +60 °C).

Altimeter 10,000 m

A pressure sensor detects changes in atmospheric pressure and transforms this data into altitude indications up to 10,000 m.

World time function

The world time function displays the current time in up to 29 different time zones.

Stopwatch - 1/100 sec. - 24 hours

Timers - 1/1 minute - 24 hours

5 daily alarms

Button sound activated/deactivated.

Automatic calendar:Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date.

The hours are displayed in either 12-hour or 24-hour format.

Domed watch glass: The surface of the watch glass is domed. This makes it highly stable and resistant to pressure.

Acrylic glass:Acrylic is easy and relatively unbreakable.

Resin case: The resin case is the ideal everyday companion. It is durable, lightweight and relatively insensitive to cold, heat or other external influences.

Stainless steel strap

Robust, resistant and elegant. The stainless steel strap is a watch classic.

Safety clasp: foolproof: the bracelet of this watch has a particularly secure clasp that prevents accidental opening.

3 years - 1 battery

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Bracelet Material
Stainless Steel
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Water resistance
10 BAR
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