This is the latest addition to the MASTER OF G MUDMASTER series. With sludge resistant structure.


From the MASTER OF G series MUDMASTER, the watch that was designed and developed to tolerate environments in difficult terrain, come carbon resin models in which a new type of structure is incorporated. The casing is made of carbon material of high rigidity to protect against damage and deformation caused by impacts and other extreme uses, while the metal button tubes ensure a tighter seal against the external environment. A filter provides additional protection against sludge ingress, the high level of dust and sludge resistance required when used in hostile environments. In addition, the double back cover consists of a stainless steel panel and a thin impact-resistant resin outer cover embedded with glass fibers. The frame is made of three layers of thin resin with carbon fibre inserts. The top layer is transparent, resulting in a frame showing the embedded carbon material. In quadruple sensor capabilities, compact sensors are used that allow compass, altitude/barometer and temperature measurements to be brought together in a compact configuration, along with an accelerometer that keeps track of the number of steps. This gives the outdoor adventurer the means to keep track of his surroundings while on the move. A special G-SHOCK application, which simplifies the configuration of the clock settings, also includes a new mission function. The application automatically records the altitude data measured by the watch and the route information collected by the GPS of the smartphone. Manually obtained altitude points can be plotted on the route. Altitude measurement and step counting are used to perform calorie burn calculations that take into account ascending and descending degrees, and to record the results in an activity log. An operation of the clock buttons can be used to record your current location with the application. The second hand then indicates the heading to the recorded location, while the distance to the location is shown on the digital display. These new models also support mode switching customization. You can use the application to enable or disable the modes individually so that only the enabled modes appear. You can even specify the sequence that will be used when modes are displayed. Mud-resistant structure (dust and mud-resistant structure) Quadruple sensor (thermometer, altimeter/barometer, digital compass, step counter) Super Illuminator auto dual LED light for sphere and digital display illumination.

Product Details

Bracelet Material
Strap color
Casing colour
Dial Colour
Water resistance
Size (H x W x D)

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