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The first all-metal watch in the 2100 series, embodies the identity of the very first G-SHOCK


With the octagonal bezel and curved strap design of the 1983 stainless steel original, we are reminded of the beginnings of G-SHOCK.

The high-quality production process of the analogue-digital watch allows for a flat design and yet offers a wide range of important functions as well as a very high level of wearing comfort.As a connected watch, the watch is paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth®. Simply download the CASIO WATCHES app to obtain an accurate time stamp or operate other functions. The GM-B2100 series is equipped with environmentally friendly Tough Solar technology, which powers all functions such as the LED illumination, alarm or countdown timer. It not only convinces with its high-quality design and workmanship, but also with its exceptional user-friendliness.


5 daily alarms

Low battery indicator-An indicator shows the current battery level.

Solid steel strap-Rugged, durable and elegant. The solid steel strap is a high quality classic for watches.

IP-finished bracelet-The bracelet of the watch was elaborately coated according to the so-called "Ion Plating" process and offers the advantage of increased scratch resistance.

Dual illuminator-The analogue and digital areas of the watch face are illuminated when the EL backlight is activated.

Stainless steel carbon case

IP-finished case-The watch case is coated by the so-called "ion plating process" and offers the advantage of increased scratch resistance.

Neon display-The hands and/or index are covered by a fluorescent coating and, if the watch has previously been exposed to a spotlight, glow in the dark.

Mineral glass-The hard, scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the watch from external damage.

Automatic calendar-Once set, the automatic calendar always shows the correct date.

12/24-hour standard time display-The time is displayed in either 12-hour or 24-hour format.

Multi-language weekday display-The weekday display can be selected in different languages.

Button sounds on/off

Hand movement function-Pushing the button causes the hands to move, allowing for cleaner visibility of the stopwatch and/or date functions.

Phone Locator-Lost your Smartphone? At the touch of a button on the watch, the Smartphone will sound an alarm.

Shock Resistant-The case is shock resistant and protects against impact and vibration.

Vibration resistant-The watch module is surrounded by alphaGEL elements, which make the watch even more resistant against shocks and vibrations. The alphaGEL is a highly flexible silicone mat that acts as a shock absorber on the module.

Bluetooth® Smart-The watch features Bluetooth® low energy technology that allows data exchange at the touch of a button to save energy. The watch connects to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth®, giving you access to many useful functions.

Smartphone time-When the watch is paired to the smartphone, the time is automatically adjusted and the current time is displayed for everyone.

Solar power system-The power supply of the watch is carried out by independent and environmentally friendly solar cells. The surplus solar energy is stored in a battery.

Stopwatch - 1/100 sec. - 24 hours

Timers - 1/1 second - 1 hour

Safety clasp-Infalse: the bracelet of this watch has a particularly secure clasp that prevents accidental opening.

Screw back cover-Thanks to the screw back cover, the internal workings of the watch are optimally protected and at the same time easily accessible, e.g. for changing the battery.

Water-resistance classification (20 bar)-Perfect for free diving without equipment: the watch is water-resistant to 20 bar (ISO 22810).

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